Transferring courses & schools: from RISD Industrial Design to Cambridge Manufacturing Engineering (Shang Ke, Alex)

Submitted Feb 2023

How did you shortlist your courses and universities? 

My first university choice was because I had an avid interest in both art and design, having been in the Art Elective Program (AEP) since Secondary 1, as well as the Science and Math Talent Program (SMTP) since Secondary 3. Through my research into Industrial Design at RISD, it seemed to encompass all I had wanted, as a course at the intersection of design and science. However, that was soon proven naive as I discovered I would need a stronger technical foundation in pure engineering to design products that truly combines form and function. This had led me to the difficult decision of restarting at Cambridge with an engineering course.

What did you do to find out more if these choices were right for you?

I talked to many friends who were doing engineering before my transfer. But I should have done that more before my first university choice.

How did you prepare yourself while preparing for the A levels?

I just studied and tried to enjoy the process.

What would you give as advice to students going through the application journey now?

Don’t completely rule anything out until you really try all avenues of understanding it. Also please please use LinkedIn extensively (feel free to contact me via LinkedIn too). It’s magical.

If you had a mantra/motto for yourself, what would it be?

I want to make innovation accessible for all.