Things Will Work Out: From Lost to Law (Janice Jiang)

Submitted Apr 2023

The key points about my journey that I want to highlight are: 

1) Don't ever stop yourself from going for something. 

Too often we think "oh they won't ever choose me" but you never know if you never try. I took the leap to apply to law school even though I did not have straight As (AABC). I had nothing to lose. In uni I went for many different clubs and some of which helped my application into my current job. Don't let anyone persuade you that you can't apply or try for something. Whether it be applying for uni or trying for a leadership position etc. 

2) Your performance in JC does not matter once you get into uni. 

Back when I was in JC I felt like everything in my life depended on my predicted grades and A levels grades. That is simply not true. Good grades and good portfolio can open more doors for you, but if you play your cards right, you can find something that works for you. The world is very big and there are many many options out there. Talk to people, talk to seniors. Even if you're not conventionally "successful" now, you can carve out a way for yourself eventually. 

3) It is OKAY to not know what you want to do. 

Even now with people in my batch starting to work I know friends who regret their career choices and wish to switch it up. When I was in JC I had no clue what courses to choose, which uni to apply for, etc. My personal experience is when in doubt, go for a degree that can give you a decent head start in your career (I.e professional degree). You can always change later. Always remember everyone goes at their own pace. Just because you're slower in knowing what you want or took a detour in your schooling life/career (gap year, delayed graduation, etc.) does not make you a failure. Besides, nothing wrong with failing.